Lost in London OR The Knitted Baked Beans I Didn’t Get To See

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 21 photos in 21 days

Day 3

This next non-adventure all came about because I have several knitting friends back in Minneapolis who requested I bring home genuine Irish or English wool yarn or any good and interesting yarn I find (I’m sure to non-crafters “interesting yarn” is an oxymoron).  I’ve been all over Birmingham and unable to find anything but the usual acrylic fare.  I read about a store – Prick Your Finger – on the Daily Candy and decided to find it on my free morning in London.  I was particularly excited at the prospect of seeing the knitted canned baked beans.  According to the website seeing them in person has actually caused screams of delight from passersby.  There is also supposedly knitted Heinz catsup and knitted Marmite.

Navigating the underground is old hat by now, navigating the actual ground … not so good.  And the maps in my London A to Z stop just before Bethnal Green where the store is located.  Usually anything on the Daily Candy is insanely expensive and in the poshest part of town.  And Prick Your Finger is only a few blocks from the tube station so how badly could I mess this up?  Had I walked on Globe Road like I was supposed to I would have described Bethnal Green as a “funky youthful urban area.”  But I went some other direction and ended up several blocks away in an area that could perhaps be described as the ghetto.  It wasn’t so much the large run-down apartment complexes or the the people who didn’t make eye contact or the dingy yellow-signed check cashing place as it was the middle-aged white guy sitting in a car by a curb who nodded and looked at me in a way that I think is usually reserved for tommies.   True, I was wearing my brand-new tall black boots, but they’re wedges not heels and I doubt the Prozzy look usually includes a long-sleeved fuchsia sweater and light pink (knit) hat with floppy flower applique.  

As I was waiting out a downpoor under a building awning, my lawyer friend called to confirm our evening plans.  Over the noise of busses I explained how I’d become lost this time and he said, “Ri-iight.  Because if I wanted to find a knitting store the first place I’d look is Bethnal Green.”  Eventually the rain stopped and I turned back to the tube where I noticed a sign for Globe Road.  I set out in the right direction and finally found the store.

 prick your finger

Sorry ladies — NO YARN FOR YOU.   And no beans for me.

You can examine the details of the hand-knit sign.


And, because of the wonders of the Internet age you can still see the baked beans.  This picture is copied from the prickyourfinger website and posted entirely without permission.  I doubt the crafted beans will cause rapture by merely viewing them as a second-hand photograph, but hold on to your pants anyway.  

baked beans


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Lost in London: 21 photos in 21 days Lost in London: 21 photos in 21 days

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