My mom keeps sending me articles about Stonehenge.

August 4, 2008 at 1:11 am 2 comments

FINALLY I got The Husband to go to Stonehenge.  He’s been so resistant – I blame the guys at work who were all, “It’s just a bunch of rocks and druids in robes.”  These are the guys who have lived here their whole lives and have never been to Scotland.  The H said he wasn’t going unless he could walk right up to the rocks.  I think he thought he would deter me, but I figured out how.  Getting Stone Circle Access is kind of complicated – I think they are trying to weed out people. 

First, you go to the English Heritage Society website (I’m all about the English Heritage Society – we bought a year-pass for £69 / $140 and have saved at least twice that).  Anyway, first call the Stonehenge visitor’s center to find out if there are any sunrise or sunset viewing times available on a certain date.  Then download the application form and either mail or e-mail it back.   By the time we figured all of this out the only time left was 5:00 am on Sunday.  Yeah, hmmm … I guess we don’t need Stone Circle Access that bad.  Instead we just did the regular walk-around-the-monument viewing.  It was much more crowded than when I went in May with my mum.  We did get to enter without waiting in line – yay again for the EHS.

When my mum and I were planning her visit to England she had a list of things she wanted to do.  One of them was to visit Stonehenge.  I wanted to see it as well but with everything else we had planned for the week it seemed like it was going to be a terrific hassle.  I called and gently raised the possibility of skipping Stonehenge.  In a little voice she said, “It’s the thing I want to do more than any thing else and I’ve wanted to see it ever since I was a little girl.”  My sister said, “Yeah, you’re going to Stonehenge.” 


Notice how early May looks exactly like mid-July.

Our day out to the monument turned out to be a lot of fun and a highlight of the trip.  And ever since then Mum has been sending me news items about Stonehenge.  I assume these are only a sampling of what I imagine to be hours of Stonehenge reading she’s done since then.  This is nothing compared to how many Suze Orman articles she forwards.  I’m teasing, Mom!  I think it’s cute.

If you’re interested in Stonehenge here’s more info than you can shake a stick at.  Cheers!

Stonehenge dig turns up new clues

Did Stonehenge start out as a royal cemetery?

National Geographic video

Vandals hack lump off Stonehenge  Mom says:  The scoundrels! What cads!

Stonehenge in the City  Confession: I found this one on my own

Police drop Stonehenge exclusion zone
And my personal favorite: Stonehenge visits cancelled

     Excerpt, summer solstice 1999 …“The 150 people allowed onto the ancient site in Wiltshire on Sunday, including Druids and astrologers, had to abandon their solstice rituals.

They were disturbed by about 200 New Age travellers, who broke down fences early on Sunday morning and rushed towards the ancient site. Some were seen dancing on top of the stones.

About 100 police officers with protective clothing and riot shields – some on horseback – arrested 20 people for aggravated trespass, two for assaulting police and one for drugs offences.”

Just one?


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more of my Stonehenge pics


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The Rude Man of Cerne Abbas Barrows, Horses and Hills, Oh My

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  • 1. Mom  |  August 4, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    In my defense the daughter has also sent at least two Stonehenge related elinks to me. However, she did not email the last 2 noted on her list to me, I assume because she feared a barrage of emails with further Stonehenge references.

    To her credit she does not mention that I also emailed elinks about the crystal skull at the Royal British Museum (that legend was the basis of the newest Indiana Jones film), as well as items of interest such as using duct tape to remove warts.

  • 2. Aylett  |  August 4, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    apologies for another link!: but I hope it’s useful…


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