No Cookies For You

September 1, 2008 at 12:44 pm Leave a comment

Most of the IATSE people in town have been working RNC related events for the last couple of weeks, but I have been busy with a play so I just did my first gig yesterday.  I was hoping there would be a lot to write about but the day was fairly uneventful, although it was notably unorganized.  Like WOW!! unorganized.  It took way too many people way too long to get anything done because there were too many people in charge and no plan.  I don’t know if that was the fault of the event company or the client or both. 

I was there as part of a crew of 4 union people who have to be hired because it is our building (this is a good thing – we are able to supply things like carpet and extra dollies that the visiting company needs at the last minute).  The event company brought 8 or 10 of their own non-union workers.  I have never been so glad to be on the union list.  We were knowledgeable, competent and safe.  Not to mention clean and wearing clothes without holes in them.  The non-union workers were all very nice and tried to do a good job, but they were inexperienced and all very young.  One guy started to climb up a piece of unsecured truss because it looked fun.  Had he gotten to the top I am quite sure the whole thing would have gone over.  I made him come down.

Most of us worked from 1pm to 6:30pm then went on break during the actual event.  One of our guys let two dressed up local BFA students in through the back so they could crash the party.  We saw some people handing out leaflets about the Monday 3pm protest.  They disappeared though – I don’t know if they were done or made to leave by the men driving around in the mysterious black SUVs. 

We were called back at 9pm.  The students were sitting out on the curb; they’d been kicked out but managed to eat some sushi first.  Inside the party was winding down.  I was helping the gentlemen with the band pack up their gear when I overheard this conversation:  A diminutive white-haired woman came over to chat with the tall silver-haired horn player.  He asked her, “Are you from McCain?”  (I took this to mean Are you with the McCain campaign?)  She answered, “No, I’m just a rich Republican here for the party.”

The load-out was much quicker than the load-in.  I was sent to a different floor to retrieve lighting gobos and sound equipment so I didn’t even get any leftover Republican cookies.

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