Update from St. Paul

September 2, 2008 at 7:15 am Leave a comment

I worked a call at the Excel River Center last night.  It was weird, like being in the lion’s den.  I went though multiple security checkpoints and all IA people had to leave our tools behind – no wrenches, flashlights or knives.   But what is more American than laboring and sweating so that someone else can say things I disagree with?
Yeah, basically I pushed around some platforms. 
Before turning everything in I went into the bathroom and took this pic of me with my RNC badge.  A convention-related young woman (i.e. in business clothes) walked in on me and said it was the weirdest thing she’d ever walked in on in the bathroom.  “Not uncomfortable, just weird.”
One Suit stopped to comment, “Look at those stagehands” as another woman and I walked by pushing a seating platform.  I hate that shit.
There is talk that if Gustav is bad then they might cut the convention short.  They ended it early Monday because of Gustav.  Seriously – I think they are hoping the hurricane will be bad so they can show how generous they are.  It’s a freaking madhouse downtown.  Most protesters are peaceful  (10,000 marched) and a lot of Minnestotans are just out to see it all, but 200 anarchists are messing it all up.  They threw glass through Macy’s windows and through police cars.  That does not go over well here – people here do not hate the PO-lice.  Any community sympathy there might have been for Sunday’s pre-emptive raid (of the anarchist “Welcoming Party” house) is gone gone gone.  Kind of funny though too: they slashed the tires of a FOX news van (which FOX reported) and one anarchist got kicked in the head by a horse’s hoof – I don’t think the city kids were expecting lots of cops on giant horses.
I’m working a state fair load-out today and then taking my camera downtown to see what I can see.  If I can find parking!  Had to walk almost a mile yesterday.

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