Nothing Much Happening

September 4, 2008 at 4:59 pm Leave a comment

I haven’t been able to update on the convention before now since I’ve been working calls at the last minute.  This morning I helped set up a party for the California RNC Delegation.  I haven’t worn my “McCain 1908” t-shirt to a call, but I today I did wear my “Best War Ever” shirt to the delight of the crew.  The crew head said he has one that says, “Swing State My Ass.”  I did manage to get downtown for awhile yesterday and what struck me most was that nothing is really going on.  I’m sure the people who were gassed would tell you differently, as would illegally arrested journalist Amy Goodman, but it’s not like the streets are teeming with dangerous rallying protesters.  In fact, the only people on the street are a lot of police and the usual suspects who show up at every national event in hope of press:  The PETA people, the “9-11 was an inside job” crazies, the guy with the giant neon green “You Are Going to Hell” sign, and the Tampons are Abortion fanatics (my wording, not theirs.) 

From the coverage of Denver it seemed that hundreds of regular people were travelling across the nation to support Barack Obama and the Democratic Party and to just be there for the historic occasion.  There are no lines of people trying to get in to see the convention or hoping shake McCain’s hand.  From what I can see, for the Republicans there’s just not much happening.


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Update from St. Paul And they’re out of here.

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