Nuts About Nelson, part 3

September 8, 2008 at 7:11 am 1 comment

For our last week-end in England we hopped down to London.  We spent a lovely day in Greenwich seeing the maritime museum and the prime meridian building.










The maritime museum featured many displays having to do with national hero Admiral Nelson, of course. 

This is his fork-knife.  Remember, he lost one arm in the course of duty.



The original U.S. Declaration of Independence is kept, highly secure, at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.  I walked by that building twice a day for two years and never went in because I didn’t want to deal with the three hour wait, but I hear it is in a thick glass-covered case that retracts into the ground if there is a security problem.  I was humored to stumble across this at the British museum.  It is the copy of the Declaration of Independence that the framers sent to King George – it’s just stuck on a side wall in a simple glass frame with a bunch of miscellaneous stuff.  You can see it’s dated July 4, 1776.  I didn’t have time to focus in and take a better picture because a guard came over and told me “no pictures”.

We then headed across the lawn to the Meridian Building which houses a small museum (mostly about clocks) and a little courtyard with a line on the ground marking the Prime Meridian.


View from the Meridian Building

View from the Meridian Building


I did it wrong – I learned later you’re supposed to stand with one foot in each hemisphere.  Whoops.

The Prime Meridian

The Prime Meridian




 See more of our Greenwich pics here


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  • 1. wardrobe becky  |  September 9, 2008 at 11:36 am

    Checkout the number of people on the hillside! When went to Greenwich, there wasn’t a soul around. I found it curious since it was August and there was a school-college-univ? that you have to walk past to get to Greenwich. Isn’t it astounding how strongly we associate place with people or emotion? I think of Greenwich and I remember how swful it is to travel solo. I felt so alone that day. In my favorite city London, surrounding by another hundred people who just got off of the train and another hundred people who got off of the train… I felt so alone. It was then that I wanted to be travelling with someone, anyone who might remember I was there with them. Solo travel has its perks, but back home no one wants to hear your stories and if you travel alone and have no one to share your stories with, have you really travelled or have you participated in a vulcan mind meld with the Universe instead?
    On a brighter note I love that you had the guts to take a picture of the historic document. I live in fear of guards absconding with my camera. I saw it happen as a kid in the Smithsonian or at an Art museum. Anyway I was young and impressionable. I can’t believe people even try to take pics. Bravo you rebel.
    And I like the Hoola Hoop picture at Greenwich instead of the predictable feet in two places pic. Everyone does that.


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