Juli and Sara’s Halloween Adventure

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I’d like to write a really really long post detailing my entire Halloween adventure for posterity, but I’d actually like to accomplish something today.  So, here’s a time line and a few pictures and the rest will be just a memory.

10:00 am – Start working.  Short lull then rush starts and I don’t look at the clock again until around 4:00.

4:30 pm – The desk girl has to leave for her other job.  It’s so busy that everyone is on the floor.  I walk by the lobby once to see that a customer (who has been waiting over an hour for his friend who is stuck in traffic) has taken over the front desk.  He is greeting people, handing them the green form to fill out, giving them my spiel about price range and guiding them to the Halloween section.  I guess he’ll get a discount.

6:00 pm – I announce that I am officially “not here” and rush to get into my own costume.  We take a few pictures while Juli finishes up her State Fair Fairy decorations.




A couple of people pointed out that I did not actully have a pot on my head.  I told them maybe they should smoke more pot and that wouldn’t bother them anymore.

7:15 pm – We arrive at the park for the Bare Bones production with a live orchestra.  Bare Bones is a pageant-filled puppet show.  This year it is the story of Jason and the Argonauts.  My favorite puppets were the fire breathing bulls operated by 4 puppeteers on stilts.  The show ended with a pagan call to the dead where the pagans in the audience shout out the names of the dead they want to remember and then all sing a song.

9:30 pm – We head to a local burger joint with Juli’s friend Liz from her Irish step-dancing class and Liz’s friends from high school.  Liz’s little sister Becky was along.  She was 19 and just cute as a button dressed as Little Red Riding hood and carrying the wolf’s head in her basket.

We ran into Sarah Palin

We ran into Sarah Palin

Bloody Mary and CornDog Wand

Bloody Mary and CornDog Wand

Dinner was entertaining – Juli and I were significantly more peppy than anyone else.  It’s been a long time since I’ve spent any time with a 19-year old male.  We called him Emo Boy and he disdained us.

Pothead and Goths

Pothead and Goths

Pothead with Goths

Emo Boy lights up


11:00 pm – I neglected to bring the GPS so Juli and I had to figure out how to get to the party several miles away on 94 West following hand-written directions.  I’ve forgotten how much fun that can be.  The address was on a Penn Ave.  We found Penn Avenue but couldn’t see the house numbers so we parked near a collection of 20 or so cars and went on in.  It didn’t take long to figure out we were at the wrong party.  But this was a great party!  We grabbed a beer from the keg and walked around chatting with people while Juli handed out candy-on-a-stick.  We had a great time.  There was a guy with a good matador costume, a guy dressed as the TV guy from the Pee-Wee Herman show a girl dressed as Rainbow Bright, and we met Colin who was hosting the party while dressed like a priest.  He just bought the house in September and was very proud of his new retaining wall and solar garden lights.  I waited for the restroom for while and finally a pirate-girl came out followed by Joe the Plumber.

12:30 am – Juli and I thought we should probably go to the other party so as not to dis Liz.  Turns out we were only a few blocks away.  It was a smaller collection of 8 people are dressed up in D & D costumes.  Emo boy was in a considerably better mood.  I told him I was glad to see him so cheerful.

State Fair Fairy Lost Her Pickle Hat

State Fair Fairy lost her pickle hat

1:30 am – We headed back to town and safely home.  I ended the night by turning on the reading light and standing above The Husband in my costume to wake him.

Happy Halloween!


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