To Think I Used To Be A Vegetarian

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Shortly before Christmas I was on ordering “Charcuterie: The Art of the Sausage” for The Husband.  I needed to spend another $1.50 in order to get the Free Super Saver Shipping.  I found a blue silicone rolling pin I thought would be very helpful for his baking (he’s been baking all of our bread since we returned from England – what a Renaissance man!)  But I decided that even I couldn’t justify $39 for a rolling pin.  I found a wooden pin for $8 and added that to the cart.  But at the check-out I discovered the rolling pin didn’t count towards the Free Super Saver Shipping.  Long story somewhat short I ended up purchasing a Whole Smoked Pheasant from Wisconsin.

I don’t really understand how it happened.

The Bird 

Whole Smoked Pheasant $24.95

The package arrived with instruction to refrigerate immediately, so I put it in a shoebox, wrapped it in silver paper with a green bow and put it in the fridge.  This caused The H to shake his head every time he opened the door, but I knew he would love it.  Which he did.

I worked a load-out on January 1, arriving home to find The H fixing a lovely New Year’s dinner.  We feasted on smoked pheasant with mushroom gravy, marinated red cabbage, steamed green beans, home made whole wheat bread and half a bottle of rioja.  Not a bad way to start 2009.

We agreed the pheasant breast was very tasty, but the legs and dark meat were almost too strong and fatty.  The H carved up the bird …


Plate of Yummy

Plate of Yummy

Then I put the rest in the crock pot to make delicious stock.

Step 1:  Use tongs to pull out skin and bones.  Don’t forget to save the wishbone.  Start in the crock pot on high then turn to low to simmer overnight.

Skin and Bones

Skin and Bones

Step 2:  In the morning turn off the crock pot and let cool until the fat floats to the top (one hour or more).  Skim the floating bits of fat off into your jar of bacon grease.

Jar of Animal Fat

Jar of Animal Fat

Step 3:  Line a collander with paper towels and “neatly” pour the whole mess through into your biggest bowl.  Be glad The H isn’t home to see the liquid splattering everywhere.  Set the collander aside to let it drain a bit more before attempting to clean it.



Step 4:  Mmm-mmmm, 9 cups of smoky pheasant stock.

Pleasant Pheasant

Pleasant Pheasant

The leftover pheasant is surprisingly tasty on pizza.  The H made a whole wheat crust  (he can do it all!)


Pizza with smoked pheasant, artichokes, yellow peppers, mushrooms, olives, capers, sundried tomoatoes and provolone cheese



What should I wish for?


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