Props to Anthropologie

August 5, 2009 at 7:11 am Leave a comment

I just opened the Anthropologie August mini-catalogue, which I get because I spent ALL of my birthday money there this year – $185 in 45 minutes.  I rock. 
Anyway, usually the catalogue features tall thin beautiful under 25-year old models.  In the June issue I noticed a picture of a (tall thin beautiful) 50-year old woman.  I thought it was kind of nice, but also annoying because she was sitting in a chair in a long black dress next to a tall thin beautiful 20-year old model.  A tiny token of  “Look women of all ages buy clothes” but sit here quietly so we can’t actually see that you have a body.  

Here you can have a pretty scarf so we don’t have to look at your saggy old neck.

Anthropologie June
Well, they must have gotten some kind of response because the August issue is filled with women in their 30s and 40s.  Not just a few pictures either.  I counted and I’d say the photos feature 19 women who are in there 30s and 40s and 13 in there 20s.  And no emaciated teenagers. 

OMG – are those the beginnings of crows feet?  But, but you’re still attractive … brain can’t handle … penis confused …

Antrhopologie August 30s

Is this skin under her eyes ever so slightly not completely TAUT?  But, she’s sexy.  Hmmm … instead of making me feel bad about how I can never look like this I actually feel kind of inspired that 10 years from now I could actually look like this (sort of).  Weird.

Anthropologie August 2
This makes a lot sense considering Anthropologie is so freaking expensive there probably aren’t a lot of women in there 20s who can afford it (I just shop the sale racks occasionally after holidays).  But for something that makes a lot of sense it seems to have taken them a long time to figure it out.  But kudos to Anthropologie.   I can’t wait to spend another wad of cash a year from now.

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