Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

September 5, 2009 at 10:10 am 1 comment

I love the fair just as much as a good parade.  This year I went with Juli, before whose State Fair expertise I bow.  She had me there on Opening Day at 8:45 am.  Which sounds insane, but was actually a great idea.  The animal barns weren’t even smelly yet and since no one else was there we were able to pet the animals and talk with people.

Many of the sheep had just been washed and trimmed and were awaiting judgement.

Sheep Awaiting Judgement

I got a little obsessed with the rabbits and took way too many fluffy bunny pictures.


Princess Kay of the Milky Way is the first princess to be honored by having her likeness carved in butter.  That is followed throughout the week by the creation of Butterheads of princesses from practically every county in the state, EXCEPT and I am just furious about this – our very own never-been-impregnated Anoka County Blue Heron Days Ambassador.  What’s up with that?  We’re not good enough up here in Blainetucky?

Princess Kay of the Milky Way

They’re in astronaut suits because it has to be cold to keep the butter solid.

Butterheads To Be

I always enjoy the strangely political (or maybe that’s strange and political) Crop Art.

AIG Crop Art


Crop Art 4

And here’s my own personal version of hell – the stroller tent outside the kids-only learn-about-farming activity area.  Ironically, the ankle-busting strollers are not allowed inside the kids-only area.   Oh, I shouldn’t be so snarky.  No one ran into me with a stroller this year.  In fact, it was a woman in an electric wheel chair who ran into me while I was standing in a small crowd watching the carving of the Butterheads.  Seriously, she just plowed into me and when I jumped and turned around, she looked me right in the eye and LAUGHED and then wheeled on past.



State Fair Parade - From Above

State Fair Parade as viewed from Sky Lift

More great pictures here.

Someone else’s even better pictures here.


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  • 1. Bee  |  September 5, 2009 at 7:31 pm

    Oh, a sky lift. That explains the feet dangling in the tree. Lovley pics. Wretched scooter viper though, MN Nice, ha. Fat babyboomer entitlement rears its ugly wretched scooter navigational skills again. Love the fluffy Bunny and the crop art.


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