Dreams of Burning Man

September 28, 2009 at 7:11 am 1 comment

I remember learning in Psych 101 that if you write down your dreams then you will start to remember them better.  Apparently typing on the computer is just as good as writing in a bedside journal because I have remembered yet another complicated dream.  Either that or I have subconscious competition with Lindsey’s narcolepsy.

Here goes …

I am staying with people at the Cult of the Burning Man, a group of neo-hippies living close to the site of the annual Burning Man Festival.    I use the term loosely as they aren’t actually a full-fledged cult, but seem to be well on their way, having established their own mini-society with its own rules, and having a respect bordering on worship for their leader Jason.

Jason looks just like Kevin, the only straight guy on Project Runway Season 4, except that he has impossibly curly hair hanging halfway down his back.  His hair is exactly like the mane of this biker-looking guy from high school that I remember seeing in the halls – he was a senior when I was a sophomore and I had a small crush on him. 

A meeting has been called for all the members of the Cult of the Burning Man to discuss and come to a consensus concerning a request which has been made by the two children who live there.  It is unclear to me whose children they are – angelic little blonde things with big eyes.  The girl is perhaps 6 and extremely intelligent and thoughtful.   The boy is only 4 and very quiet.  They would like to hang up fabric and curtains over furniture to create a fairy land for playing.  However, one of the main rules at the complex is that their can be no dividers anywhere.  There are no doors, no curtains, no partitions.  There is no private space; everyone owns everything.  The children sit in on the meeting and try to make their case for being allowed a fairly land.  Jason argues passionately against.

I am able to listen, but because I am not a member of the community I sit quietly.  I have been told I can participate in the discussion but I am wary of Jason.  What I want to ask is, Shouldn’t the freedom they are all enjoying include the freedom to privacy?


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  • 1. Frances Bean  |  October 5, 2009 at 8:29 am

    Do these children go to school? I’m confused…


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