Not so breaking news – Cows Escape in Lino Lakes

December 2, 2009 at 7:11 am Leave a comment

I am obsessed (and annoying everyone at work) with this story that broke Saturday night:

Cows lead police on ‘chase’ in north metro

“Just before 9 p.m., the Minnesota State Patrol received a call of two cows on Interstate 35W near Sunset Road. Troopers called in ‘backup’ from the Lino Lakes Police Department and tried to corral the wayward cows. “

Here is the photo from the news – I DRIVE ON SUNSET!

You can see the bovine adventurers better in this video (which wouldn’t embed, sorry).

Note that the cow in front has a WHITE FACE.  This will be important later.

Here is the article in case you want to read all the details for yourself.  It says, “Authorities aren’t sure where the cows came from or how they wound up on the interstate.”


They HAVE to have escaped from the house at the end of Sunset – the VERY PLACE I have bought chicken eggs from the sweet old man who lives there. Okay so I’ve only bought eggs once due to serious discouragement by The Husband who calls him The Crazy Old Coot With The Sweat-Stained Shirt And Hidden Hatchet.

Exhibit A - The Chickens

It wouldn’t take much for the cows to “escape.”  A better description might be “wander” through the fence that The Crazy Old Coot With The Sweat-Stained Shirt And Hidden Hatchet probably hasn’t repaired in a while and then walk a block or so to the highway.

Sunday morning The H and I drove over to Sunset to see if the cows were missing.  They were there, chewing their breakfast and looking all, “Who Me?”  I see no reason they couldn’t have returned quietly during the night after their escapade.  Notice the white face.

Exhibit B - Cows

Exhibit B - The Cows

No other neighborhood Nancy Drew has put it all together yet.  I’ll keep you updated on future developments of this story.


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