More skiing! Lake of the Isles

March 17, 2011 at 3:28 pm Leave a comment

Kristy and I were determined to fit in one more skiing adventure this year, and we picked the perfect day for it. Tuesday was the first day it reached 50 degrees, but the ground was still covered in snow. We’d skied the low rolling hills of Como Park and out onto the Lake of the Isles. I thought it would be nice to round out the trio with a wooded trail. Sounds pretty, right? Yes, except I didn’t quite think it through until I was at the top of a hill staring down the ski path. Newsflash: Woods are made of TREES. Which are obstacles. Big dangerous unmoving objects for me to ski into.

But once you are at the top of the hill in skis, there is nowhere to go but down. Which I did, in glorious style. I spent most of the afternoon crashing then sliding down hills on my butt (if I was lucky). I think it was less lack of balance than TOTAL PANIC about the attack trees quickly growing larger in my field of vision. It didn’t help that somewhere along the way we wandered off the Intermediate trail onto More Difficult. At one point we weren’t even on a ski path; we ended up on what was perhaps a snow mobile trail on the top of a very steep hill (seriously – it’s like we had been suddenly transported to Colorado). I made it halfway down that one before sitting down and sliding rather painfully and quickly to the bottom, hitting a few acorns along the way. Kristy also spent most of the time on the ground, but that was from laughing. I am very lucky though to be trained by Kristy, THE BEST SKIER IN MINNESOTA. At least in my mind.

We had a great time. The snow was wet and slick but not slushy. It was warm enough to skip jackets, hats and coats. We saw a group of seven robins playing in the trees and declared it The Last Day of Winter. And today is St. Patrick’s Day – hello spring!

Wirth Beach, Quaking Bog / Norm Oakvik Trails


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Clearance Rack Impulse Purchase 5 inches of snow. Hula Boy is pissed.

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