On the road again with Hula Boy

October 29, 2011 at 9:37 am 11 comments

Hula Boy has been with me on every road trip I’ve taken in the past decade, including travelling from D.C. to Minnesota four years ago, so it is only fitting that he be in view in my rear view mirror while I finish the trip from Minnesota to California.

We finally finished cleaning the house (the realtor left a message saying how impressed she was with how clean it was.  She’d better be!) and left Minnesota around 3pm on Thursday.  We hauled ass to Grand Island, NE.  Hint: there is no island.  Not much time to write a detailed post, but here’s a few quick thoughts from my travels the past two days.

– Omaha reminds me of Kansas City, except flatter.  And not as pretty.  And without the BBQ.

– There are a lot of cops pulling people over the last 50 miles of I-80.  This is because a lot of people just want to get the HELL OUT OF NEBRASKA.

– Whoever set up the state line between Wyoming and Nebraska walked up to the first interesting landscape feature and drew a line.

-We drove through Laramie, WY.  Every time I passed one of those fences I thought of Matthew Shepard.

-People in Wyoming stare a lot.  I guess it’s obvious we’re “not from around here” but based on the number of truckers on the road it can’t be the first time the locals have seen out-of-towners.  The staring is somewhere between rude and threatening.  All in all though, people are better looking and less overweight than in either Iowa or Nebraska.  Not as attractive as Missourians of course.

-I dig the electric speed limit signs that change with the weather.  It has already snowed up here and is (can’t believe I’m about to say this) colder than Minnesota.  I am learning there are many worse places I could have lived.

On to Winnemucca today.  Winnemuccawinnemuccawinnemucca.

Hula Boy says… forget the GPS.  Follow the sun and when you reach the water turn left.


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What I learned while cleaning out my bathroom. Great day, mediocre pictures.

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