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“Repeep Harlequin!” Said the Ticktockman

Ready… Set… Diorama time!  That’s right lovers of all things crafty, it’s the 8th annual Pioneer Press Peep Diorama Contest.  Yaaaay!

From a simple box…

…unfolds a tale of heroism, civil disobedience and the power of candy.

From Harlan Ellison’s “Repent Harlequin!” Said the Ticktockman.

“Somewhere nearby, he could hear the metronomic left-right-left of the 2:47 P.M. shift, entering the Timkin roller-bearing plant in their sneakers.  A minute later, precisely, he heard the softer right-left-right of the 5:00 A.M formation, going home” …

“Once more in anticipation, the elfin grin spread, and there was a tooth missing back there on the left side.”… “And as he pulled the trough-pins, the air-boat slid over the factory workers and one hundred and fifty-thousand dollars’ worth of jelly beans cascaded down on the expresstrip.” …

“Jelly beans!  Millions and billions of purples and yellows and greens and licorice and grape … tinkling on the slidewalk and bouncing away and rolling about underfoot and filling the sky on their way down with all the colors of joy and childhood and holidays, coming down in a steady rain, a solid wash, a torrent of color and sweetness out of the sky from above, and entering a universe of sanity and metronomic order with quite-mad coocoo newness.  Jelly beans!” …

“The shift was delayed seven minutes.

They did not get home for seven minutes.

The master schedule was thrown off by seven minutes.”

The Ticktockman


Pretty Alice

Repeep Harlequin!


More photos on Flickr.


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4 Kinds of Bull

# 1

This is Brummie.  He is the mascot in the center of the new Bull Ring shopping center here in Birmingham.  The area has been a marketplace in some form or another since 1154.

# 2

This is a tiny clay Brummie — the artist’s model for big Brummie.

# 3

This is candy Brummie.  He is a full-size Brummie located in the Selfridges and covered in jelly beans.  Jelly beans!  He is for sale for 20,000 quid.

# 4

The fourth kind of bull is that women don’t age well.  This picture is evidence that I am even more adorable at 33 years and 1 day than I was in the picture above when I was merely 32 and barely even glowing with cuteness.  Of course, the new birthday boots could be helping.

Thank you everyone who sent me birthday wishes and e-cards and presents!

UPDATE:  Even more bull here – Coke Brummie!

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